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Beneficent Honest TrueBlue  A For Profit Company Operated To Fund a Not For Profit Organisation

We Specialise In Medical Travel Facilitation, Hospital Branding Consultation, and Practitioner Branding Consultation

We Welcome You With Open Hearts and Eager To Be Of Service To You.
Reach Us and We Ensure You The Very Best Of Services Executed Professionally To Meet Your Every Need

We Believe In

Respect For Autonomy:  The Patient has the Right To Refuse or Choose Their Treatment.
Beneficence:  A Practitioner should act in the Best Interest of the Patient.
Non-Maleficence:  First, Do No Harm.
Justice:  Distribution of Scarce Health Resources and the Decision of Who Gets What Treatment (Fair and Equal).
Respect For Persons:  The Patient (and the Person Treating the Patient) have the Right to be Treated with Dignity.
Truthfulness And Honesty:  The Concept of Informed Consent.
Confidentiality:  Between Doctors and Patients.

Medical Travel

BlueMed Asia

We believe in Border-less Medicine and Patient Empowerment by providing Access to Quality, World Class Medical Care at Affordable Prices.

We are happy to provide You with Detailed Comparative Cost Data, By Country and By Procedure, upon request.

  Before You Start

  Preliminary Consultation
Once You approach us with your requirements we will have an initial discussion to asses Your Medical Requirements and Needs and Prepare a Medical Requirements Questionnaire. This is followed with You Providing a Client Informed Consent and Release Form to Authorize Release of Your Medical Information to the Hospital. Initial consultation between You and the Doctor can be conducted via phone, email, and/or video-conference, as required.

  You Decide on Hospital and Doctor
Based on Your Medical Requirements and Financial Position, We will recommend appropriate Hospitals Specialising in Procedures as Required by You.
You either have the option of selecting from our recommended list of Hospitals and Doctors or Decide on Your Preferred Hospital as recommended by Your Family Physician as the case maybe. We are glad to help You with Your own Choice of Hospital or Doctor as well.

  We Assist with Visa & Patient Registrations
We facilitate You in Your visa application process starting from preparing Your Visa Forms and Filing for Visa. We guide You through all the documents required for Visa application and check that all the appropriate documents in your file are proper and according to high commission / embassy requirements. We also can submit Your applications as and when required.

  We Make Accommodation and Travel Arrangements
We provide You with recommendations of Accommodation Types and Classes that suit Your Budget and Assist you with finding the Best Price for Your Preferred Mode of Travel from Your Place to the Place of Treatment. We facilitate You in Hotel and Travel Bookings

  During Your Visit

  We Take Care of Your Requirements at the Destination
Pick You and the Accompanying Persons up at the arrival point, take You to Your Place of Stay, Take You to the Hospital, Arrange For Visits To and From the Hospital, Arrange Food as per Your Dietary Needs, Arrange for Nanny and Maid Services for Your Children as required.

  We Make Travel Arrangements
We facilitate You in Your Travel during Your stay in the destination like travel between Your Place of Stay and Hospital, Sight Seeing Trips around the Region as per Your Preference.

  Post Return Care

  Post Procedural Care and Follow Up Care
We facilitate in Your Post Procedural and Follow Up Consulting Processes including facilitating Post Procedural Consultations with the Doctor via phone, email, and/or video-conference and Follow Up Treatments and Therapies as and when required.

Hospital Branding

BlueMed Asia

Hospital Branding isn’t just about Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations;

It involves Providing Positive Health Care Experience

  We Transcend Stereotypical Methods

Advertising, marketing and public relations are not the key drivers in building trust or to bring in patients. More than anything else it is the experience that counts. Models that provide positive experience are the need of the hour. Most health practitioners think of “patients” and not “customers”. A shift in attitude of handling a demanding customer who can go elsewhere is the hardest task in engineering a successful brand.

  We Facilitate Experience Designing

Shape the Experience around Your Fundamental Beliefs by Crafting a Brand experience through Planning a Facility that Promotes Wellness through not just great doctors and technology but with Patient Friendly Layouts, Well-Lit and Friendly Atmosphere, Ambiance that blends in and staff behaviours that sincerely showcase your brand beliefs. For a Hospital Brand what You say and how You behave is as much part of Branding as is traditional methods.

  We Assist to Engineer Experience

While most blueprints look great on paper, the concept to actual execution is typically marred by several issues including Facility Layout Designing that showcases Your Brand beliefs which need to be understood by Your Architects and Interior Decorators, Internal Branding to develop Internal Belief Systems in Your Staff who will actually deliver the experience and impact brand perception and appropriate partnering to make sure Your Values and Beliefs are properly understood by Your External Service Providers and Vendors in such a way they ensure a Positive Engagement with the Customers and improve Your Brand.

  We Facilitate in Acquiring Appropriate Technology

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems to keep track of patient health information across the duration of care and beyond, On-line Bill Payment Facilities that could facilitate ease of payment and even improve the hospital's accounts receivable, Central Scheduling Systems for Patient Appointments with Speech-assisted Automated Attendant Systems to reduce staff overtime and helps to avoid dropped calls or unpleasant patient interactions, and Wireless connectivity to make it easy for patients and visitors to access the wireless network.

  We Facilitate in On-line Experience

The web helps you to talk to Your Customers and make Your Services available on-line. While net usage for medical needs is still in its early stages, it provides You with an opportunity to keep Your Customers engaged and to attract Overseas Customers as well.

  We Facilitate in Designing Customer Centric Programs

Well Designed Customer Centric Programs that place more emphasis on a target audience or a specific service like Mother and Infant Care Packages, Executive Health Checks etc.

Practitioner Branding

BlueMed Asia

A Single Neglected Negative Review Can Damage Your Practice and Keep Your Patients Away

Engineer Yourself To Set Yourself Apart From the Crowd

  We Engineer Your Personal Branding

A Doctor's Brand is what determines a patient’s first impression. How You set Yourself Apart from everyone else in your Field of Expertise determines Your success in Your Chosen Field. Your Personal Brand is the essence of Who You are, What You Believe In, and What Makes You Different.

  We Facilitate in Your Practice Branding

Patient Experience plays a Major Role in Branding Your Practise. What do Your Patients expect when they walk into Your waiting room? What do they walk away with? Investing time and effort into ensuring a good experience can go a long way into coalescing a good brand. Every factor must be considered and manicured to maintain the most desired brand image.

  We Facilitate in Your Reputation Management

We assist You to gain Feedback from Your Patients about Your Staff Performance, Your Facility, Your Procedures, Your Bedside Manner and Your Patients' Perceptions. We Provide You with Valuable Information that can help You improve Your Practice’s Infrastructure, Customer Service and whatever else you need. You can easily Generate and Capture more Positive Reviews from Your Patients and Maximize Your Rating.

  We Monitor Your Social Media Presence

On-line reviews of doctors, and other healthcare practitioners have become a major concern for all healthcare practices. Patients are writing reviews and rate them through Social Media every day and dozens of Physician Ratings Sites are growing rapidly. Whether the Reviews You Receive are Positive or Negative, You need to take action to Protect Yourself and Your Practice.

Associated Services

BlueMed Asia


Currency Exchange, Nanny Services, Maid Services, Leisure Travel Facilitation, Culinary Extravaganza, Translation Services

Any and All Your Requirements and Needs taken Care of

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We Welcome You With Open Hearts and Eager To Be Of Service To You.
Reach Us and We Ensure You The Very Best Of Services Executed Professionally To Meet Your Every Need

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